Hey you! I’m Panicat.

I am a fulltime creative in all sorts of fields. Drawing is one of the top pursuits on my list, either on paper or digitally with the computer and my graphics tablet. What many people don’t know: I craft and sew and embroider as well! Recycling and upcycling of second-hand objects is my matter of concern. I use textile design as a tool to reanimate old clothing and make them shine again even beyond their old glory. Simply put, I work with a variety of materials, many of them used or considered as trash, to create art.

Photography is also a passion of mine. To anyone interested in that I can recommend my Instagram account. All the pictures and drawings used on this website are also made by me, as long as not stated differently.

I love to write, which is why I started this blog. I want to write a book soon and my plan is to gain some confidence here. Now bow before me, words!

No, actually, that last part doesn’t translate well, you know, it makes an excellent pun in the german language! ‘Bow’ means also ‘conjugate’… but anyway, I hope you enjoy the stay on my website! Feel free to contact me anytime.