The Inner Child

Maybe you managed to ignore it successfully so far, maybe you are already delved into the topic extensively. Maybe you’re feeling so good right now, that your inner child rests peacefully in your memories. Many people don’t have the luxury of a perfect childhood. The kid you once were, stays with you. With all its rejections, deprivations and unfullfilled dreams and hopes; but also with moments of warmth and lightheartedness as well as childish joy.

The shade of your inner child depends on the experiences that you made.
Your acceptance of this time-displaced mirror relies on the one that you were confronted with.
I think many people bury their inner child under the false pretence of adulthood.
Unfortunately, this way of self-neglect and inaction is often causing side effects.
Parents that respond cheeky to their kids, employees let themselves be verbally abused by their employers without resistance, partners who scream at each other for every little thing: These are just some examples where these suppressed parts of personality get their outlet in the end anyway. Many of these behaviours are habits that you’ve learned when you were young. Numerous of them contain strategies that helped you to cope with various things, they aren’t useless. But still, if these dynamics from the past interfere with your life today, you should be aware and cautious. The people in your life now might be the reason that you remember and act on these behavioural patterns, but they are (mostly) innocent in the face of your past. They just hit a nerve by accident, and probably don’t understand your extreme reaction. It’s good to focus on the present, and only let the present be a judge of the situation, if you feel this might happen to you.

You are resposible for your own happiness as an adult. You should lever let it rely on factors that you simply can not control.

It is way easier to find inner peace if you take your needs and wishes seriously, and act accordingly. Your feelings don’t need justification.
Some days you might have to take more time to take care of your inner child and you shouldn’t be annoyed by it. Give it the love and acceptance it craves for.

Hand in hand, not against each other, because you are one.

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